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Episode 9 now has voices!

Posted by teejay-number13 - November 12th, 2017

Okay, after much complaining- Err... I mean, constructive criticism, I've deciding to bring the real voice actors back to WoC. Episode 9 now has voice actors and the episode 2 remake should hopefully be ready in the next two days. I'm still waiting on lines from one last VA before I can release the voiced version of Ep1 remake and episode 10.

If you like my series having real voice actors, then please support me on Patreon, so I can compensate them.

I've also decided to drop the interactive battles from future episodes. Honestly, it's a lot of work and only about 1% of the viewership actually plays them. But it means that the episode will be easier for me to make.

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Comments (3)

Nice :)

This is my opinion. I personally like all the different methods you've tried and experimented. All of them with dislike and likable things about them.

My preference was the early voice acting roles with just Protag + gardevoir's original female voice (nonrobotic voice)

However, after some time, I grew to prefer no voices at all. Just text and pokemon SFX. The plain text of speeches and the expressions/body language give a lot of depth. It gives the audience the freedom to truly experience the emotions, and the story as a bare skeleton as a raw material, like reading original source material as opposed to seeing a play or musical.

There may need to be other features to add, such as 'add voice acting' or 'no voice acting' feature, and skip buttons from here or there for various scenes/chapters in each episode.

Keep up the storytelling and suspense and feels and awesomeness.

I brought voices back mostly so I could bring the series to youtube. It's annoying in my opinion to try and read text that you can't control when it advances.

I have to agree that text that goes character by character at some set speed can seem distracting or annoying. To accommodate that, just need to make all the text within that 'line' appear instead of letters appearing at a time.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I kinda prefer the Visual Novel feel since the start, storytelling wise, rather than simply a movie. Having more options for the viewer on newgrounds as opposed to uploading the full movie on youtube, is something I always appreciate and value.