2013 Release Schedule

2013-02-04 11:29:08 by teejay-number13

It's 2013! Which I'm calling the "Year of the T". It's supposed to be the year where I turn my life around so it doesn't suck anymore. Well, I don't know about that part but I can at least finish several projects I've been meaning to do.

TBA 2013

Tie Fighter Assault SE
A remake of my older game though calling it a remake is unfair since this new game will be leagues above the old one. It should be finished this month.
Speaking of my original Tie Fighter game, I added some Medals to it. So go play it and earn them.
Also check out this video - Darth Umbra vs. Darth Vader! It was supposed to be the epic battle between them in the third of my Lego Star Wars machinima fan films, but I never finished part 3.

Spring/Summer 2013
If you're mad that I've postponed my Pokemon series (which is what my fans are waiting for), don't be. I've learned so much new stuff from making the Tie game and all of it can be applied to my series to make it better.

Pokemon: World of Chaos Episode 9
Teejay follows Gardevoir to her home village of talking pokemon! But they hate humans and on top of that, Pokemon from the village are vanishing!

Pokemon: World of Chaos Episode 10
Teejay teams up with Jenny 20 to investigate the missing pokemon, but she may be more interested in him.

Fall/Winter 2013

Star Fox: Lylat Story
If Nintendo asked me to write the next Star Fox game, this would be it. Since they'll never do that, I'll have to make it myself. Story wise it will be the sequel to Star Fox Command. Gameplay will be similar to the Tie Fighter game I'm making now. Features will include: Customizable main character, upgradeable ship, 9 recruitable team mates, and non-linear mission based gameplay.

Pokemon: World of Chaos Episode 11
Teejay visits the electric type gym leader in hopes of getting the world's PC system repaired. But Team Galactic is up to no good.

Well that's my hopeful schedule for 2013. I may be able to get to ep 12 of WoC but no promises. Of course, the whole thing is subject to change. Here's a screenshot from the Tie Fighter Assault SE and yes, it that is a third person perspective boss fight.

2013 Release Schedule


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2013-02-04 12:17:07

Can't wait for the next PK: WoC - Episodes, at first I just watched it with my younger cousin (hardcore Pokemon fan) but I'm amped about it now, too ;)
Good luck for your "Year of the T", I'll hope you will reach all the great changes you try to achieve!


2013-02-04 15:26:44

Yup, you are a hardworking individual. Congradulations. I salute you.


2013-02-05 03:37:49

This lineup looks pretty good. I'm always interested in what others would do with the Pokemon universe, and your series has a good deal of my attention. I look forward to your works.


2013-02-06 05:56:11

Cant wait for more of your pokemon world of chaos episodes u just made pokemon alot better


2013-02-06 18:16:26



2013-02-10 02:31:29

teejay-number13, dude check ou this new pkmn game coming out for the 3ds
it's called pkmn x and y,check out the trailer.


2013-02-10 22:16:12

So you didn't take King-Duckyford's advice about quitting Pokemon movies, altogether? Yup, that was probably a bad idea! XD >:(

teejay-number13 responds:

Well King-Duckford, it's no worse then creating multiple accounts so you can make it look like more people agree with you.


2013-02-17 00:13:06

Your new Tie Fighter game is looking much better. I'm excited to see how it will play out. Also, Will we be allowed to do Barrel rolls in your Star Fox game? It ain't Star Fox without Barrel rolls.

teejay-number13 responds:

Yes I plan to have barrel rolls, but I'm not sure about the lock-on homing laser.


2013-02-24 02:39:09

king-duckford really needs to take his own advice to shut up and "stop taking newgrounds too seriously" everything he does contradicts itself.


2013-02-26 09:45:11

nice SS im sure that this will be a sweet game and gl with all you have planned
btw I love Pkm WoC it's the anime version of pkmn btw what music are you going to use for fighter assault SE?I know that will be an awesome soundtrack
2013 it's the year of the water snake aswell and that means surprises and misfortune so be careful
Andy out


2013-03-02 00:43:51

Teejay i hope you can do that and maybe do more :D
Go Pkmn WoC :D