FAQ about Pokemon Stadium.

2014-05-28 11:54:42 by teejay-number13

There have been some concerns about my WoC Stadium game. Here are the most common so far.

1: Can't get past create trainer page.
    - Not sure what's wrong here. When you hit the confirm button on the create trainer page, it creates the new save file on Newgrounds and won't advance unless the save is successful. Make sure you are logged into NG and connected to the internet while you play the game. If nothing works, try playing my Deviant Art version.

2: The graphics suck.
    - This was a 6 week project, and it was never intended to be this big to begin with. As I said in the description, some of it IS unpolished because I didn't want to spend all summer on it.

3: Not enough Pokemon
    - There are over 600 pokemon (not counting x & y). So if I had made 50, people would have said "what? Only 50?". So if I had made 100, people would have said "what? Only 100?". You get the idea. Plus, this isn't a rom hack. It's a flash game. Every Pokemon I add requires a lot of animation and coding. Which of course increases the file size. I think the game has more then enough.

If you have any other concern, just ask about it here and I'llt ry to address it. I plan to make two more games like this as my series progresses, so I want to know what to improve on.


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2014-05-28 17:29:06

I never understand why people are complaining about the graphics, it's a flash game for crying out loud!


2014-05-29 06:54:57

There really is no point in making 50+ Pokémon if you can only use six at any time. Having nine Pokémon was good enough for me, since it's simple yet flexible.


2014-05-29 10:21:18

Don't dwell on the reviews too much. People will always find things to complain about.