Yeah it's coming.

2016-10-13 06:59:27 by teejay-number13

Yes, ep 9 & 10 of WoC are coming. Slowly but surely. I didn't work on it over the summer like I hoped. Mostly just a lack of motivation coupled with my full time job as a manger leaves me exhausted after work. So on and so forth.


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2016-10-13 23:22:38

I know, Life is hard when it's job time! It's a duty call.


2016-10-15 07:10:52

Take the time you need dont worry. Better that its worth the wait than you rushing it and its a dissapointment.


2016-11-02 22:50:37

I honestly hope so, I really loved the series and I liked so many things about it. Voice acting, the story, the animation/spritework, even down to the ability to play through the battles yourself.

teejay-number13 responds:

Sorry, I'm dropping the voices because it adds too much work to each ep. I'm planning on keeping the interactive battles though.


2016-11-08 22:06:45

That's really unfortunate honestly..
I really suggest not dropping them, either way I'm sure I'll enjoy your work. Maybe you can work in voice acting later on? A revision sort of thing?


2016-11-12 07:25:40

True story. Usually after work everyone's tired. Remember to rest up and don't overwork yourself.


2016-11-17 19:06:36

Really? Wow. One of my relatives used to be a manager for Blockbuster, and he always had something negative to say about it every time we spoke, so I can only guess at how stressful your job is. I hope you're at least getting paid enough for it.
Life comes first, and it's not like we're paying you for what you put up on here for us to watch. Take your time. :)


2017-03-20 22:45:09

I'm not going to lie. You did a great job on Pokémon WoC and I wouldn't be surprised if you had plans to add some of the characters of the anime series in it. The series is amazing and I'm looking forward to find out what will happen next. Also, I understand that you're busy. I know how that feels.