WoC Ep1 Remastered

2017-04-25 13:40:31 by teejay-number13

I just released a remastered version of WoC episode 1. I plan on remastering episodes 1-5, adding interactive battles and computer voices. I'm redoing these because I still get requests to upload 1-5 to youtube, and I originally didn't because there were no voices, just text. But these releases will all lead up to the release of episodes 9 & 10 (FINALLY)!

Sorry about the 5 year hiatus. Not really much to say about it. Lack of motivation, full time job, time flies, etc. But I really do want to finish the series.

I'm using computer generated voices now, I know it's a step down, but I have 16 more eps to make (not counting the remasters of 2-5) and I'm already 5 years behind. Doing my own computer voices is just easier and faster. Sacrifice quality for speed, you know how it is. I am including a button on the menu in the SWF version to change the dialogue between voices, gibberish, or none.


Anyway, go check out the new version and let me know what you think. Again sorry to any remaining fans for the hiatus.


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2017-04-25 15:13:58

I don't mind the wait at all, just happy to get it when I can. Kinda like SMBZ back in the day. Keep up the great work, I can't wait for the next thing you put out! :)


2017-04-29 03:42:13

That's pretty sick! Good luck on that!


2017-04-30 07:29:51

Last I had heard from you, was about remastering and streamlining things, bypassing VA's (which kinda sucks), and finishing the tale. Really glad you're gonna press forward with the series.


2017-05-12 11:21:58

Good to see you again teejay. The remastered episode was cool. But i have to ask. You will start over remastering all? Or have planed to finish old chapter 9 and 10.

Whatever your choice, I hope you're lucky. And you may need to look for voice actors to give life to the dialogues.

Gl teejay and please if someone say your animations are not good they are liying. Keep it up the good work.

teejay-number13 responds:

I will remaster eps 1-5 only. No need to do 6,7, and 8. I will release new eps inbetween. Yeah, VAs would obviously be better but I want to work at my own pace and not have to rely too much on others.


2017-05-13 10:33:27

Glad to see you're back! As a suggestion for some of the future videos you make, you may want to clarify which generation's rules you're using. In your other videos based on earlier generations, Gardevoir was purely a psychic type whereas in later generations, she is a psychic/fairy type. So whether you change the typing to match the newer generations or keep it the same, you may want to specify just to make it less confusing in the interactive battles.

teejay-number13 responds:

The series is based on 5th generation (Black/White) Pokemon. But I will bring some newer elements into it. For example Gardevoir will be a Psychic/Fairy type in new eps I make. But yes, their types will be listed in their information in battle.