WoC Ep 9 is up!

2017-05-20 09:39:01 by teejay-number13

Pokemon: World of Chaos episode 9 is finally here after a 5 year wait. Too be honest, I was never able to settle on a script for this one that I felt was the best. It went through many rewrties and such. Part of the reason it took so long. Plus I wanted to switch the series to fully animated, but I see now that it will only get finished if I stick with sprites. Anyway, check it out.


The format I'm using now seems pretty solid, so I'll probably stick with it for the rest of the series. The series is based on the B/W & B/W2 games, although a few new pokemon and things from the newer games may make an appearance.


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2017-06-05 01:39:06

Hey TJ just wanna say great episode although the lack of animation and voice acting is sad, but i understand this has been in the works way to long for you. And hey maybe later in the distant future after you finish the series you can redo the series in a fully animated form perhaps in a single long movie? or combined longer episodes? Either way its great to see progress being made after such a long time. And hey maybe after the series you could make a webcomic version considering the art in the credits is great, it would make a great comic.


2017-06-22 17:38:55

About time, great episode and worth the wait!